Saturday, December 10, 2011

Soda Bottle Rain Gauges (Catchers)

Have fun catching rain with soda bottle rain gauges (catchers).

1) All you need is a small or large soda bottle. Cut the mouth off at the top where the bottle starts becoming smaller.

2) Afterwards, take the mouth of the bottle and flip it down inside the bottles to serve as a funnel for the pebbles.

3) Add small pebbles to the bottom of the bottle through the funnel top to give the bottle some weight.

4) Start marking the bottle with a permanent marker using centimeter or inches. * Be sure to start the markings above the bottom grooves of the bottle so you will have a consistent reading.

5) Do a rain dance and see what happens!

Obviously these rain gauges are not a standard measure, but they will give students a physical demonstration of what one is.

Happy Recycling!


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