Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ideas for Recycling Chocolate Heart Boxes

Don't throw those chocolate heart boxes away! (Although I know we don't want reminders of eating way too much chocolate at Valentine's Day!). But you really can use them in many ways in your classroom.

1) Obviously you can use them for storage containers for manipulatives, cards, etc. Jennifer from Empowering Little Learners has a great parent letter to send home to save heart boxes for your classroom. Click the image for her post.

2) MATH - One student gave me an adorable chocolate heart box that is perfect for holding bottle caps (So you know I was happy!) So, after eating all the chocolates inside for breakfast, I came up with a game for practicing equivalent fractions, decimals, and percentages.

The pretty box!

I placed Avery stickers with fractions on the top of each bottle cap. See how they fit in perfectly? This should work with any chocolate box that has round chocolates.

Then inside each bottle cap, I placed an equivalent percentage sticker, and then inside each hole I placed an equivalent decimal sticker.

So, students will play by pointing to a bottle cap and naming its equivalent decimal and percentage.

If they're right, they keep the cap. If they're wrong, they need to put it back. The student with most caps, wins.

You will find that I put the fractions and decimals on one page and then repeated the fractions and percentages on the next page. I apologize about that, but I decided to add percentages half-way through the creation and Avery can be a little difficult when you try to change labels.

3) READING - Here's a really cute idea from Finally in First for using heart boxes with real and nonsense words. Click the image for the post.

 So, here are just a few of many possibilites. Do you do any cool activities with heart boxes? Let me know, and I'll link it up here at The Green Classroom!


  1. Those boxes are really neat. To bad my wife didn't give me chocolates for vday! LOL

    1. Ha! Aren't you supposed to give her chocolates?? :P Well, either way, better luck next year! :)

  2. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower.

    First in Maine

  3. Ask for the small boxes too! I'm not sure what grade you are working with but I work with ages 2+ and I use the different sized boxes to teach big, medium and small. I also ask the the children to put them in order by size. The small ones (depending on the brand) can be used to store small objects like buttons, sequins, dice, or mini pom-poms. -McGill-Parker

    1. What great input! I did teach kindergarten, but I'm now in fourth grade. Using the hearts to store small craft items is a great idea and classifying by size. Thank you for sharing!

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