Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recycled Calendars for Puzzle Math

I totally jacked this idea from Teacher Tipster. You can see his super video here and get a chuckle at the part where he struggles to get down on all fours :P (I think Chris Farley lives on.). He used the idea of recycling old calendar pages (hope you held on to your yours) to create ordering puzzles.

You 1) cut them into even strips of about one inch using a cutter. Then, 2) using stickers at the top, you write a set of numerals, alphabet letters, pattern shapes, etc. After mixing the strips up, 3) students place the strips in order, and they know they're correct if the picture matches up.

I made a bunch of these puzzles for putting decimals and fractions in order from least to greatest as you can see above and below.

This is a great self-checking game that can be used in so many ways. A big thanks to Teacher Tipster for his ingenious creativity.

Happy Recycling!

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