Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Plastic Bottle Fantasy Flower 1 Tutorial

Hey guys! I'm such a weird person, but it's summer break, and what am I doing? Having fun with plastic bottles! I had no idea all that can be done with them. I've been making various fantasy flowers out of them (fantasy because they're not anatomically true to any real flower :P), so I'd like to show you how I made one that could almost be called a chrysanthemum.

This was made from a two-liter bottle of Sprite Zero. For this tutorial, I'll have to use one that my husband crushed I guess to show his manliness. :P

Here's what you need:

1) Two-liter bottle
2) E-6000 glue or any strong adhesive glue
3) Knife/scissors
4) Two Hershey kisses - NOT optional :P
5) Small cap from a hairspray bottle or other similar bottle
6) White Satin Rustoleum Universal Primer & Paint in One (or something similar if you want to paint your flower)
7) Acrylic paint if you want to paint
8) Double-sided tape if you want to stick your flower on a gift box, wall art, door sign, etc.

Assembly Instructions

1) Cut the top neck off and the bottom port off of the bottle (they actually have lines that make it easy to cut evenly).

2) Take the bottle neck and cut into MANY petals. Push the petals down flat.

3) Take the bottom portion and cut into many petals also. You will find that when you push them down, they twist into odd angles. This works to your advantage because you can push the petals back up into flower-like cup of petals.

4) Take the small cap and cut into many petals also. Bend petals downwards a bit at different angles to give the petals a natural look.

5) Using a strong adhesive glue, glue the bottom into the center of the bottle neck.

6) Next, glue the bottom of the small cap into the center.

7) Eat the two Hershey kisses (yes, eat them! You deserve it!) Then, wrap the two paper tails inside the aluminum and form a circular disc. Glue this into the center.

8) Optional: Spray a coat of Rustoleum's Primer & Paint on the flower.

9) Paint with acrylic brush-on paint or spray paint. I think in the future I would like to use an airbrush because it took FOREVER by hand.

10) Put double-sided tape on the bottom of the bottle cap on the underside of the flower and attach wherever you'd like - gift boxes, gift tins, wall art, your clothes........

Or maybe not! Unless you're going to a gypsy wedding! :P

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Livin' in a green world,


  1. Hi. I've chosen you to receive the Liebster Blog Award. Head on over to my blog to claim it. =)

  2. That was awesome. I'm going to try it.Great blog. I'm your newest follower. Please check out my blog "Calling Plays in 2nd Grade".


  3. What a cute idea. Since I haven't been invited to any gypsy weddings, I think I'll use this on presents. Thanks so much for sharing all of the steps.
    ✰ Stacy

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