Monday, August 27, 2012

Bottle Cap Word Wall Labels - Green Theme Day 3

My husband and I drink a ton of Tropicana and they each come with such neat, little orange caps. So, I took these along with other caps and lids to create labels for my Word Wall.

I'm sure there's a much better way to do this, but what I did was: 1) cut popsicle sticks to match the size of the diameter of each cap, 2) hot-glue each end of the stick to the rim of the cap, and 3) hot-glue circle magnets to the center of each stick.

I tried those adhesive magnetic strips and that was an epic fail, so I resorted to the more costly circle magnets (Hobby Lobby has a very strong brand of magnets that are 6.99 for 50 and they always have a 40% off coupon). Walmart also sells some for $6 that are a little weaker, but I think would still do the job. Amazon also carries some for about the same price as Hobby Lobby, I believe.

I made the letter circles on the computer and printed them out on full sheet sticker paper. I did not use Avery, so I had to hand cut each circle. Then, I added a coating of Mod Podge, so hopefully they'll last for more than this year.

If you'd like the alphabet stickers, you can download them for free here at TpT.

Bottle caps and lids are AWESOME!! Use them everywhere you can - as counters, bingo markers, manipulatives, etc. 

I also used them for our lunch count.
The students have been creatively placing their bottle caps around their lid choice in a circular fashion like flowers. So cute!

And here's my partner teacher's owl lunch display for some extra adorableness!

I also used bottle caps on my magnetic objectives board.

I'm just making sure, but have you heard about my free bottle cap math games? If not, just click one of the links below and start saving your caps!

Math Facts Bottle Cap Game
 In my math facts bottle cap game, students will time each other and write their times here. Did you notice? More bottlecaps!

Keep it GREEN my friends!


  1. love it! i knew if i waited long enough, someone in blog land would come up with a great idea for all of the apple juice bottle lids i've been hoarding! thanks for sharing!

  2. Awwwww these are sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing the free downloads for alphabet stickers, I will really downloaded it for my kiddos. new zealand stickers

  3. I use egg cartons for math centers. I usually have the students write their answers on a piece of paper but I was thinking that we could put the numbers on juice lids and just have them place the lid in the correct space. Thanks for the great ideas.


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