Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going Green with a Garden

We are starting a farming/gardening initiative at our school next year! I am so excited and think it's a super great idea because children (myself included) are so far-removed from the process of making food nowadays.

My husband and I just started the venture of square foot gardening this summer, and today we picked our very first produce - a long, fat zucchini! And I have to be honest, it was like having a baby! It was a miracle to me!

I have had no idea about any of this gardening stuff - how each plant will grow, where to find the fruit and vegetables on a plant, and when and how to harvest them. It's a lot! Thank God for YouTube! And my mom! So here's some pics of my green garden. It's not in the classroom yet, but it will be!

One of our four raised gardens my husband made for us

Baby eggplant!

Daddy zucchini!

Almost ready!

A flowering plant given to me by a student. Look how it's ready to blossom - just like our students!



Cucumber blossoms

And Basil blossoms

Have a great, green summer!


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